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The Little Kitchen on the Canal


For my birthday last winter Sarah and Angus gave me the gift of Italian cooking in the form of a subscription to Canal House Cooking for the year. I have received the first issue and it is beautiful. Now I will gift all of you this video, a peek into the dreamy world of the little kitchen on the canal.



Two more perfectly photographed soft cover books will show up on my doorstep this year, bursting with thoughtful recipes for the home cook on every glossy page. Lucky gal indeed.




Holiday Subscriptions


Magazine subscriptions mark the big changes in my life.  Moving to New York?  Saveur.  Moving to California?  The New Yorker.  Dropping out of grad school?  Elle.  A few years ago  I purged all paper subscriptions in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.  Maybe it was the marriage effect.  Santa, take note.  This year these glossies are calling my name.

You know it’s going to be good when a famed food photographer and the kitchen director of Saveur decide to do it their way. A pricey Canal House subscription ensures you three books per year, each chock-full of seasonal recipes and Christopher Hirsheimer’s maddeningly beautiful photos.  You’ll recognize her photographic signature- dreamy light and moody vegetals – from articles in Saveur and Bon App as well as a cajillion cookbooks.

You can also get a box set of the year’s issues slip-cased in blue.  Worth every penny.

A near peer in the price per page ratio, Anthology failed to convince me with its first editions.  I just didn’t get it.   But now, at the ripe old age of one, this ode to the creative life is finally hitting its stride.  Anthology favors thoughtful collectors and craftsmen like the father-daughter team behind Herriot Grace and showcases how they’ve made their houses homes.  It’s a little bit boho and that’s why I love it.  Each home is an actual expression of its owner, her quirks and eccentricities, rather than a display of popular trends.  There’s an element of surprise here that’s missing from other shelter mags.

While the overall preppiness quotient comes close to hurting my teeth, I’d like to give a nod to the online Matchbook.  It’s bright and shiny and the articles are good!  Detailed histories of products we love like the pea coat and Juliska ceramics sit side by side with great market finds and fashion reminiscences from up-and-coming writers.  I like it.

Are you giving any subscriptions this year?


Canal House Cooking


All the beautiful pictures below are from Canal House Cooks Lunch, I want to dive into each photo.


Canal House is a duo of chefs who produce 3 stunning, elegant, rustic chic cookbooks a year. They write, illustrate and photograph their own books. This summer’s version is about Italian Summer cooking (or lack there off.) Perfect ingredients well seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs is often all you need for a summer meal.



Canal House Cooks Lunch


I’m loving a daily jolt of soft edged lunch delights on their blog Canal House Cooks Lunch.



I can’t think of a better way to finish up these last weeks of summer produce than with some recipes from the latest installment from Canal House Cooking.





PS- For a deeper dive into summer cooking in Italy, pick up a copy of the memoir Blood, Bones & Butter I recently devoured like it was a plate of fresh pasta tossed with garden pesto.