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How To: Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases


I paint dipped some baby food jars for a article we wrote about How to Host a Sip & See Party and am now obsessed with the technique. Baby food jars make darling bud vases for any baby related celebration. Dipped in a thick layer of latex paint they look elegant and sophisticated, like grown up vases. Below is a step by step “How To” tutorial should anyone want to try this at home.


 Use a strong cleaner to get the labels and glue off the jars. Wash and dry well.


 Place your chosen color of latex paint in a shallow disposable container.


 Dip the base of the clean jar in the paint and start swirling it around.


 I like them to look a little uneven so I made some sides higher, you can easily go for a uniform look.


 Place the jars upside down on a paper towel and allow to dry for 24-36 hours (this much paint takes awhile to dry.)


 The finished product! I love the drips and imperfections.


 Repeat with any other colors. For the mint green I added some water to the paint to get more coverage on the jars. A little water goes a long way so be careful to add a teaspoon at a time.

photo by Beth Liebetrau

Once totally dry, fill the jars with water and a few simple blooms.

photo by Beth Liebetrau

Simple white flowers looked fresh in the mint and gold jars.

Photo by Beth Liebetrau

I can’t get over how pretty they look all lined up (credit goes to Beth Liebetrau for the excellent pictures.)

photo by Beth Liebetrau

The only problem with latex paint is it will come off if washed in warm water so be very careful not to get the outsides of the jars wet! I learned that lesson the hard way…





Great Design in a Small Space


Our friend Beth has her home featured on Apartment Therapy right now in the running for the Small Cool Contest 2012! If you like what you see please go vote for her place.

Photographer, wine enthusiast and maker of organic soaps, Beth left her full time job this year to travel with her husband and commit to her creative talents full time! To support this lifestyle shift the couple downsized to a 554 square feet rental.

Her great design taste and creative use of the space makes this tiny home feel cozy and bright.

Spices cleverly stored on the side of the refrigerator.

She used temporary wall paper to give the bedroom accent wall depth.

The bigger bedroom is now an office/craft space/reading nook.

Their bathroom looks like a spa!


Such an inspiration to us all. I really hope they win don’t you?