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Lay Baby Lay


Presenting my newest obsession, Lay Baby Lay.  Designer Joni Lay creates themed inspiration boards for nurseries that are every bit as charming and fun as we’d like our big girl rooms to be.  She mixes real (i.e., adult) pieces from stores like West Elm and Crate & Barrel with vintage finds and etsy discoveries to create sophisticated nurseries that last well beyond babyhood.

Joni also suggests paint colors.  A woman after my own heart!

When I was convinced I was having a boy, I loved this nautical theme with the rope lamp and oversized whale.

What do you think? Is Joni making nursery inspiration the natural follow up to wedding planning for the pinterest set?

xx Sarah

And Baby Makes Three



Well, my loves, my little secret is out! And getting less little by the day, I might add.  Angus and I are expecting a wee one of our own this Halloween.

(Don’t let the photo confuse you.  We find out today if this chubbub is a boy or a girl.  I just happen to be holding a pink pouf.)

We’re throwing around words like happy and excited in completely non-ironic ways on a daily basis.  Familiar things?  They now seem magical.  We’ve had the baby’s first pancake, first bite of pineapple, first plane ride, first Bruce concert, etc.  The list goes on and on and this tidbit has yet to draw breath.

I’m going to drive everyone nuts once he or she is here, guaranteed.

The best part, though, is wondering what firsts the baby will love.  Will this little person play sports? Be able to sing?  Build things?  Prefer strawberry to mint chip?

Will this babe even like to read?

I can’t begin to fathom the surprises in store for Angus and me.

Off to the doctor now. Can’t wait to share what I’m having.  In the meantime, tell me, what aspects of baby planning would you like me to share?

Tomorrow, images from my “pop up” baby shower in Miami last weekend.

xx Sarah