A & O Weekly Menu: 12.6.10


Image: alex-s

Happy Monday, my loves.

Let’s get on with it…



Lunch- La Scala chopped salad with turkey

Dinner- Baked chicken thighs with vegetable and polenta lasagna


Lunch- Chicken Taco Salad

Dinner- Steamed shrimp dumplings and steamed vegetables with sesame-soy dipping sauce


Lunch- Crab cake salad

Dinner- Miso butter-glazed halibut with sesame-soy roasted vegetables


Lunch-Baked chicken eggrolls with honey-mustard dipping sauce

Dinner-Vietnamese shrimp roll salad with grilled shrimp, glass noodles, crispy vegetables and sweet and sour vinaigrette


Lunch-Chicken noodle soup

Dinner-Grilled Asian chicken with cilantro mango sauce, basmati rice and bok choy

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