A & O Weekly Menu: 10.11.10


Tartine Bakery Morning Bun

Happy Monday, my dears!  Here’s what we’re making this week.  We’ve included a few breakfasts that can be done ahead and left in our clients’ fridge for reheating in the morning.

For Wednesday’s egg “kit” we beat 3 eggs with a little milk, season with salt and pepper and leave uncooked with toppings in separate containers.  Our clients scramble it up in the morning, adding toppings as desired.



Lunch- Soft shrimp spring rolls with lettuce and fresh herbs over mixed greens

Dinner- Pan-seared Sea Bass over couscous with fall vegetables


Breakfast-Steel-cut oats with maple syrup and sauteed apples

Lunch- Ground chicken taco salad

Dinner- Steamed chicken and shrimp dumplings with steamed vegetables


Breakfast-3-egg scramble “kit” with cheddar and chives

Lunch- Stir-fried rice with egg whites, market vegetables and shredded chicken

Dinner- Baked cod with steamed zucchini and black rice


Breakfast-Morning bun inspired by Tartine (image above)

Lunch-Turkey bacon BLTA with curried pumpkin soup

Dinner-Roasted halibut with hazelnut gremolata and steamed new potatoes


Lunch-Frisée salad with endive, green apple, walnuts and smoked trout

Dinner-Roast chicken with rosemary roast potatoes and zucchini “pasta”

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  1. Halie
    October 14, 2010 at 3:24 pm (11 years ago)

    Just got my Goop newsletter and it’s dedicated to Tartine. You gals are so ahead of the curve.

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