How to: Organize your Spice Rack


We are moving into a new BIG kitchen at work! Finally everything will have a place and there will be a place for everything. This makes my organizational heart sing.


Spice Rack Organization

While at home I don’t alphabetize my spice rack, at work it is a must.


Spice Rack

Our spices are placed on plastic risers in one cabinet. Each bottle is labeled with the name of the spice just below the cap for easy viewing. Fun with label maker time.


Spice Rack


The bottom row isn’t labeled because you can see the names of the spices on the bottles. It’s not as neat as I would like but it is a functional system. You just have to put them back in the right place to maintain the order. Seems obvious but with 5 cooks using these all day, we reorganize them a lot.




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