Wine Pairings by Beth


By Lydia Ellison


Sarah and I are often asked by clients to suggest wines to accompaign the meals we create. While we both really appreciate wine and I LOVE to drink it, we are not super savvy in the wine paring department. THANK the stars above that we have Beth Liebetrau in our lives. Beth is a self taught wine pro, (though she would never admit to being expert at all). She is constantly learning about wine; researching, tasting, visiting wineries and taking classes. As a result of this hard work she is very knowledgeable about the varietals, regions and years yet not a snob about price!! We’ve called on her many times to assist in wine parings and our clients have been THRILLED with her suggestions.

She did a post on her blog about the details behind a wine paring dinner she helped us on this past Spring.

Wine Pairings 101


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