Inspired by: The Hour

Is anyone else watching The Hour on BBC America?



I’m obsessed with the look of this show. The sets, costumes and hair and make up are so styling. 1950′s Britain is my current design inspiration for fashion/home decor/tabletop.

The main character Bel rocks some chic short, bouncy hair and great pencil skirt + cardigan outfits. Not to mention she is wicked smart and produces a TV news program. No bored housewives drinking red wine for lunch on this show.

Her best friend Freddy is not too bad to look at either as he is investigating a murder.

It’s all very exciting friends, such a well written and smart program. I think you will like it, certainly the look of the show at least.

These tastemakers like the show as well.






I like it too, wife. You know I love those clever Brits and I wish I had Freddy’s hair.


I had NOT heard about this show yet–I tuned in for Pan Am, but I love finding other shows about one of my favorite eras in American history :) hope you’re having a great week–and thanks for the intro! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

Mary Sullivan

Lydia, When is it on?

Greg Ellison

Lelo, if they don’t have really bad accents I will check this out, thanks for the heads up.

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