How-To: Setting the Table


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Happy Wednesday, my dears!

Question for you– have you ever set a formal table?  We don’t do it that often, even for work.  It’s the LA thing.

Mrs. Lilien, mother, wife, blogger and designer extraordinaire, has taken it upon herself to show exactly how to set the table.  She’s even made this handy-dandy printable “Proper Placemat” diagram that you can print for reference.

No more youtubing Pretty Woman so Barney can teach you how to do it right.  Now we all know.

The problem with a properly set table is that it’s never easy to remember which is your bread plate and which is your wine glass. Especially after you’ve made use of that wine glass.  But here’s the secret: hold your hands in front of you, perpendicular to the floor, all fingers extended except the index which you should touch to your thumb Om-style.  You should be looking at a b on your left and a d on your right.  Bread on your left Drink on your right.  Do it discretely in your lap and no one will ever know.



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