Weekend Dish: Portland

Drew and Lydia

Drew and I are packing our fly flannels and heading to Portland for the weekend!

We are meeting up with all of his family for a big celebration of his parents’ joint birthday. The Howerton’s love to eat which has bonded us together all these years. Here is our eating schedule.

Thursday- Laurelhurst Market

Friday- Paley’s Place

Paley's Place Cookbook

Sunday- Home Cooking care of me, Seth and cousin Chris

(this is our proposed menu but it will be based of what we find at the Farmer’s Market that day)

Market Veggies and Aioli
minty Fava Bean on crostini with shaved pecorino

Rosé Wine Sangria

Poached or Roasted Salmon (fresh herb salsa)
Grilled Hanger Steaks (white miso marinated)
Spring Vegetable Risotto- asparagus/mushrooms/ramps or green garlic/artichokes

Oregon pinot blanc/gris and Washington claret

espresso gelato


I’ll report back next week with pics and reviews!






Lydia, how ironic that I also am heading to Portland this weekend! I have never been there and am looking forward to shopping in the open market and trying some microbrews. xoxo


Hahaha, love that video Lyd! Have such a great trip. Going to be thinking of you gals this weekend. I’m making the Rose sangria for a bridal shower. Wish me luck. xoxox


I heard people still drink cosmos there.


What a cute post… looks fun. If that fava bean crostini is from Martha Stewart’s hors d’oeuvre cookbook, I can attest to its deliciousness. It’s almost as good as the book’s photos! :)

Mary Sullivan

I love your blog. It is so fresh, interesting,
and fun. Love.

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