The Weekend Dish


Friends, what are you up to this weekend?

We’re working!

Which means I’ll be living off of PB & fruit.

Do you have a favorite hard-at-work food?

Here are some great reads–new & old– for your weekend pleasure…

We’d like to design our own cloth cocktail napkins. Until then, we rely on these beauties.

I mean, really.  There are no other words.

Do you baggu?  Read this

The Guardian made a 50 top cookbooks list

Let’s make our own



P.S. We’ve a surprise coming next week.  Hope you like it!

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  1. […] In an apartment for the first time, I needed to learn to incorporate foods other than Instant Oats, peanut butter and fruit sandwiches and Wegman’s sushi into my diet.  Chili was an obvious addition — cheap, easy and even […]

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