The Georgetown Academy Series


I hate to brag but I’m now friends with the authors of a soon to be MAJOR hit book series. In fact one of these authors was my roommate just after college and a bridesmaid in my wedding. I’m sure I’ll have a cameo once the movie/tv show is made, right?

“Georgetown Academy takes place at a prep school in D.C. where all the most powerful politicians send their children, and where one teenage misstep can turn into a national scandal faster than you can say CNN. The series combines the edgy fun of Gossip Girl with the snappy energy of The West Wing, with each book containing sharp, snarky commentary about party lines and current socio-political issues.”-Jessica Koosed Etting


Georgetown Academy is a Young Adult series that’s really smart and funny. I think any older soul who wants to escape to a world of saucy high school political princesses will love reading these books. The cliffhanger ending of Book One is so intense you will be grateful that Book Two is already out for IMMEDIATE download.


You can buy the books on Amazon or Barnes& (only available on e-readers, tablets and computer download for now) and please spread the word with anyone you think might enjoy these stories. Let me know if you read it, I’m dying to discuss your fav characters.




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