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H&H Collective Holiday Collection 2014


H&H Holiday Collection- gold and silver

The H&H Holiday Collection is almost sold out!! If you want to snatch up a set of grey linen cocktail napkins with shimmery metallic trim and hand fringed edges this is your last chance.

H& H Holiday 2014 Trio

Holiday 2014 Trio of Metallics!

H&H Collective Holiday Trio


H&H Collective Holiday Trio


Happy Entertaining! xx Lydia

Announcing H&H Collective


I’m so excited to finally share my newest project H&H Collective, a collaboration with Sarah Hendrix of Our fist product is a line of linen cocktail napkins handmade in LA.

H&H Collective Champ + Olives


The H&H Collective 2014 Summer Collection has ARRIVED.

Lydia Howerton & Sarah Hendrix are thrilled to announce the official launch of their linen cocktail napkins. Each napkin is handmade in Los Angeles, California from 100% Italian linen. The collection features soft grey linen napkins with 3 different neon-hued trims and hand-fringed edges. Each of our collections will be limited edition and we plan to release them seasonally along with a sprinkling of small batch very limited collaborations in-between the seasonal releases.

Check out our spankin’ new website here >>> 

Summer 2014 Collection


This collection was inspired by citrus hues, meet Cara Cara, Kumquat and Yuzu. Read all about what inspired Sarah and I to start this company here.

Keep up with all the H&H news…


Instagram- (#WashDontToss #WarOnPaperNapkins)



H&H Collective Gummi Bears



xx, Lydia









Baby Boy Shower for




The baby shower I styled for my friend Beth is finally up on! A fun collaboration with Anjali at the beautiful home of Jen. Custom paper garlands, tissue flags and rope installations created for this event by Rebecca Simms of Wylie West Creative. All the stunning photos by Leela Cyd. Make sure to read the full post for recipes, set up details and all party resources.











2014_05_21-BabyShower21 2014_05_21-BabyShower18








Mother’s Day Brunch Menu


I’m hosting a little Mother’s Day brunch this weekend in my garden. If you can call a sparse bit of dry grass and over grown trees in your back yard a “garden.” While the surrounds might not be perfect, my menu is battle tested and the company can not be beat. My mom, aunt, cousin and grandmother will be together and we always have so much fun. My party prep timeline is below in case you want to follow along too.



Mother’s Day Garden Brunch MENU


Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk

Potato & Basil Frittata

Arugula Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

Farmer’s Market Berries, Basil, Aged Balsamic

Sweet Sriracha Baked Bacon

Assorted French Pastries

Mother’s Day Garden Brunch PREP TIMELINE


gather table supplies-glassware, silverware, plates, napkins, table cloth

set up self serve bar- ice bucket, tray of champagne glasses, iced coffee glasses, straws, creamer pitcher, pitchers for orange juice and water

Farmer’s Market shop for groceries and flowers


arrange flowers in bud vases

make Dijon vinaigrette

grate cheeses and cut potatoes for frittata

chill champagne


pick up pastries at local bakery

juice oranges

set the table in the garden

make and bake frittata

bake off bacon

wash berries, drizzle with balsamic and torn basil

fill ice bucket, set out chilled water, oj, champagne and iced coffee

toss arugula salad, cut frittata and plate up warm bacon

Hopefully, this party honoring my mom will make up for when my brothers and I gifted her a curly fry maker for Mother’s Day, twenty years ago. We thought it might gently encourage her to cook us fried food in the comfort of our home. Sadly it was neither well received or ever touched.

xo, Lydia

Goat Cheese and Hot Pepper Jelly


Anyone who entertains is always looking for easy appetizer ideas. A hostess doesn’t have time to sort through her Pinterest folders when friends stop by for a weeknight glass of wine. Here is a good one for the rotation: goat cheese, hot pepper jelly and crackers. You can keep these items on hand for emergencies. Dump the jelly on top of the goat cheese or serve it alongside in a pretty jar. Add crackers. Done.

My grandmother always serves Philadelphia cream cheese with bright green hot pepper jelly and Carr’s table water crackers. If you want to get fancy you can even make this condiment. Last spring my girl La Femme Epicure made Hot Pepper Jelly and gifted me a bottle, the colors of the chilis and subtly sweet heat were divine.

Pretty little chili bits on tangy goat cheese and little brown rice crackers (we are a GF household.)

A lovely couple from Long Beach, CA sent me some jars of their Red Pepper Relish to try. The folks at Merchant & Co. are making really delicious small batch condiments, a great reminder to seek out local products in your market.

FYI- I put this pepper relish along side hard cheeses like manchego and aged cheddar and with out fail one guest says “What is this spicy jam? It’s amazing!”


xx, Lydia

Super Bowl Menu 2014


We are really excited to be catering a few Super Bowl parties for our clients this weekend. La Femme Epicure and I created this menu for one of the parties celebrating some of the flavors of Denver and Seattle.

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty



Super Bowl Menu 2014

Denver →

Coors Banquet Beer

Coors Light

Papa Johns Pizza – BBQ Chicken Bacon, John’s Favorite & Plain Cheese

Denver Green Chili with Classic Fixins’ (Scallions, Sour Cream, Bacon, Cheddar, Hot Sauce & Fritos)

Corn Chips with Individual “Mile High” Layer Dip Jars

Bronco Brownie Bites Topped with Nutella and Candied Orange Peel

Denver Themed M&M’s with Team Logo

Seattle →

Rainier Beer

Starbucks Espresso Martinis

Mini Salmon Burger Sliders with Tartar Sauce (frisee, tomato and pickled red onions)

12th Man Garlicky Potato Wedges with Garlic Aioli & Ketchup

Winter Vegetable Crudites with Beecher’s Cheddar & Herb Dip

Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches with Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bowl of Skittles

Seattle Themed M&M’s with Team Logo

Personally the only interesting part of the Super Bowl is the food so tell me what you plan to make this Sunday?



Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


I’ve been compulsively pinning Thanksgiving Table Decor this month. Grab a few mini pumpkins, some white candles and maybe a can of spray paint and call your table decorated. You can pull most of these items from your home or pick them up at the grocery or hardware store. I organized these Thanksgiving “tablescape” ideas by theme into 6 Pinterest Boards for easy reference. Feel free to mix and match.

Black, White & Sparkle Table

Black, White & Sparkle

All White Thanksgiving Table Decor

All White

Vintage Autumn Thanksgiving Table

Vintage Autumn

Green Garland Thanksgiving Table

Green Garland

Glitz & Gourds Thanksgiving Table

Glitz & Gourds

Jars of Light Thanksgiving Table

Jars of Light


Whatever your table looks like, I hope you have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!




Asian-American Thanksgving Menu


The question I get asked the most, when I tell a stranger my profession is “what is your favorite dish to make?” My answer is always “something I’ve never made before.” While I love familiar food, I’m most inspired by a new dish or new flavors. So when my Dad emailed me this link from Food & Wine magazine as inspiration for our Thanksgiving menu this year, I was so excited! All new flavors applied to the most traditional meal of the year.


Soy-Sauce and Honey Glazed Turkey


Sriracha and Wasabi Deviled Eggs


Celery and Edamame Salad


Sticky Rice Dressing


Red Miso Glazed Carrots


 Cranberry, Ginger and Orange Chutney

Check out all the dishes and recipes at Food & Wine (all photos and recipes by Joanne Chang). Are you planning to try anything new or nontraditional this Thanksgiving?



Do Ahead Thanksgiving Checklist


The best way to actually ENJOY the process of hosting Thanksgiving is to prepare as much as possible in advance. The less you have to do on that last Wednesday and Thursday in November the more fun you can have with your family and friends.

image via


2-3 Weeks Before Thanksgiving-

Shop in Advance:

  1. Purchase wines, apple cider, booze, sparkling water, champagne, mixers, beer, ice
  2. Order turkey
  3. Sharpen Knives!!! (Sur La Table offers free knife sharpening Nov 15-26, 2013)
  4. Shop for all dry and canned goods- canned pumpkin, sugar, flour, spices, crackers, nuts…


Party Prep:

  1. Label platters- wash, dry and stack in a corner with a label for each dish you will serve
  2. Wash glassware, iron linens, polish silver, count plates and bowls, wash seasonal items like roasting pan and gravy boat
  3. Decide on Table Décor and order flowers or gather materials for your centerpieces


Cook & Freeze:

  1. Make a veggie soup- serve as first course or a light supper or lunch on the days before and after the big meal
  2. Make and Roll Pie Crusts- freeze well wrapped in plastic
  3. Stuffing Bread- whether you prefer cornbread, rice or sourdough you can make, cube and freeze your stuffing bread well in advance
  4. Chicken or Turkey Stock- freeze
  5. Breakfast Rolls or Scones- make dough, portion and then freeze (bake them off for a quick breakfast)
  6. Dinner Rolls- make dough, portion and then freeze


1 Week Before Thanksgiving-


  1. Cranberry Relish
  2. Salad Dressing
  3. Herb Butter- for seasoning Turkey or Dinner Rolls
  4. Wash and prep hardy greens- kale, collards, Swiss chard
  5. Shop for appetizers- cheese, nuts, olives, crunchy vegetables
  6. Stock up on coffee, tea, milk, sugar or cream for after dinner service



  1. Make your shop list when relaxed and rested so you don’t miss anything, divide the list up by areas of the grocery store
  2. Make a timeline for the 2 days before- make sure you have a schedule for the oven
  3. Set the table! Leave it set for the week and admire the beautiful setting
  4. Refresh all candles and have some long lighters handy
  5. Set up the bar- set out glasses, mixers, bucket for ice
  6. Decide on the music or delegate the music to someone else

For a more detailed timeline check out our advice for Thanksgiving preparations Week 1 & 2, Week 3, Week 4.  Happy Planning!






A Fall Pumpkin Carving Party on


I’m honored to be featured on The Kitchn’s “Gatherings From The Kitchn” series this week. Working alongside the talented Anjali Prasertong, we threw a Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party for some of our closest friends. The day was beautiful captured by photographer Bridget Pizzo.

New posts will be up daily and you can follow along here:

Photo by Bridget Pizzo

I’m especially proud of the interview post, where I reveal some of my hard learned secrets for throwing a stress free, but stylish dinner party. Thanks Anj!

Photo by Bridget Pizzo

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