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H&H Collective Holiday Collection 2014


H&H Holiday Collection- gold and silver

The H&H Holiday Collection is almost sold out!! If you want to snatch up a set of grey linen cocktail napkins with shimmery metallic trim and hand fringed edges this is your last chance.

H& H Holiday 2014 Trio

Holiday 2014 Trio of Metallics!

H&H Collective Holiday Trio


H&H Collective Holiday Trio


Happy Entertaining! xx Lydia

Announcing H&H Collective


I’m so excited to finally share my newest project H&H Collective, a collaboration with Sarah Hendrix of Our fist product is a line of linen cocktail napkins handmade in LA.

H&H Collective Champ + Olives


The H&H Collective 2014 Summer Collection has ARRIVED.

Lydia Howerton & Sarah Hendrix are thrilled to announce the official launch of their linen cocktail napkins. Each napkin is handmade in Los Angeles, California from 100% Italian linen. The collection features soft grey linen napkins with 3 different neon-hued trims and hand-fringed edges. Each of our collections will be limited edition and we plan to release them seasonally along with a sprinkling of small batch very limited collaborations in-between the seasonal releases.

Check out our spankin’ new website here >>> 

Summer 2014 Collection


This collection was inspired by citrus hues, meet Cara Cara, Kumquat and Yuzu. Read all about what inspired Sarah and I to start this company here.

Keep up with all the H&H news…


Instagram- (#WashDontToss #WarOnPaperNapkins)



H&H Collective Gummi Bears



xx, Lydia









Deck Towel Candle #1


My brother’s company Deck Towel has released its first candle. Earthy and masculine ingredients (irish moss, sea salt and vetiver) and a not too scenty formula make it more subtle than most candles. It perfumes the air but doesn’t over power your senses or make you want to throw it out the window. It comes in a recycled wine bottle which adds a rustic touch to any room. They sell for $40 which makes a great gift for the women and men in your life.


Contents Soy, vegetable oil, beeswax, fragrance, essential oil, cotton wick

Notes Keep wick trimmed to ¼” and discontinue use when only ½” remains. Burn candle no more than 4 hours at a time.

Size 300 grams, 8 x 2.5″

Use Estimated 80 hours of burn time.

About Soy is longer-lasting and cleaner-burning than paraffin.

Production Made in the United States


Currently crushing on these new linen towels too…








xx, Lydia

My Pink Period


Come February I just can’t get enough pink in my life…

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…and by March the love affair is over.

xx Lydia

Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


I’ve been compulsively pinning Thanksgiving Table Decor this month. Grab a few mini pumpkins, some white candles and maybe a can of spray paint and call your table decorated. You can pull most of these items from your home or pick them up at the grocery or hardware store. I organized these Thanksgiving “tablescape” ideas by theme into 6 Pinterest Boards for easy reference. Feel free to mix and match.

Black, White & Sparkle Table

Black, White & Sparkle

All White Thanksgiving Table Decor

All White

Vintage Autumn Thanksgiving Table

Vintage Autumn

Green Garland Thanksgiving Table

Green Garland

Glitz & Gourds Thanksgiving Table

Glitz & Gourds

Jars of Light Thanksgiving Table

Jars of Light


Whatever your table looks like, I hope you have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!




Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection Summer 2013



Heath Seasonal Collection Summer 2013

I let out an audible gasp when I opened the Heath Ceramics newsletter today and saw that the seasonal collection this summer is a range of BLUES! Remember last summer’s Poppy & Grapefruit and the epic Yellow in 2011? Fond memories. Hey there Horizon Blue, Indigo and Tea Green…it is a pleasure to meet you.

Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection Summer 2013 Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection Summer 2013 Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection Summer 2013 Heath Ceramics Seasonal Collection Summer 2013


This is NOT good news for my bud vase addiction. If I call it a “collection” is it still an addiction?








Deck Towel Posters


Pretty proud of my little brother’s latest product from his luxury linen beach towel company. He put out a line of poster prints made from his photographs. The price point is spot on for chic original art for your home ($85-$115.) I want to hang Rowboat and Ropes side by side in white frames in our living room.

“Spring is coming. To celebrate, Deck Towel is debuting a set of three limited edition silk screen prints. Each poster was inspired by snapshots from one our favorite vacation spots – Shelter Island, New York.”- Deck Towel

Ropes by Deck Towel

Ropes by Deck Towel


Tomato by Deck Towel

Tomato by Deck Towel


Rowboat by Deck Towel

Rowboat by Deck Towel


This is what Buck told me about the prints. “They’re hand printed silk screens in a mix of two colors, sprayed with sea salt water to give them this sort of spotted effect, so each one is unique. The images are all from our first look book shoot on shelter island in the Hamptons – tomato, rowboat, rope. They’re signed deck towel and number on the back and come rolled in a tube. They’re roughly 20 x 30 inches printed on this super high quality hähnemühle German paper.”

Which one is your favorite?




Happy Heart Day


pooh and piglet


“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh?” he whispered.
“Yes, Piglet?”
“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand. “I just wanted to be sure of you.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


Eco-Chic Disposable Entertaining Products


Sometimes you want to entertain but the thought of washing every plate, platter, wine glass and cheese knife in your house is too terrifying to invite your friends over. Right? Ok, here are 2 products that will help you host with ease and save your manicure at the end of the night. They are reusable, recyclable or compostable but still CHIC looking. And you won’t feel super duper guilty when you toss them in the recycling bin at the end of the night.

Plate a Cup

How smart are these cocktail plates by Plate-A-Cup? They have a slot to hold your glass so you can hold you plate and drink in one hand and eat, shake and gesture wildly during your juicy story with your other hand. Plate-A-Cup is:

– 100% biodegradable and compostable
– 100% “Tree Free”
– Temperatures up to 93° C or 200° F.
– 100% microwave and freezer safe
– Soak proof and grease resistant



I love this cocktail size plate for appetizers but Plate-A-Cup comes in dinner sized plates as well for your next full meal function. This wine glass slot is so convenient I’ll never go back to regular cocktail plates, there I said it.

MyDrap cocktail napkins

See that blue roll on the left hand side of the picture? Those are MyDrap cotton cocktail napkins! They come on a roll as pictured, in tons of pretty colors and all the different sizes you might need. They are thick and soft, more like a fine linen than cotton feeling. You pull off the number you need and save the rest of the roll for next time. They are washable so you can use them as many times as they hold up and then recycle when done.

MyDrap Cocktail Napkins

 My Golden Globes viewing party was SO much less work to clean up thanks to Plate-A-Cup and MyDrap (and my husband who washed all the platters.)







The French Cuisse


The young man behind The French Cuisse food blog has captured so beautifully my favorite part of cooking. The alchemy between the raw ingredients in their sterile prep bowls and the finished dish bubbling and golden brown in a baking dish. We all know how much time, hard work and dirty dishes exist between the two images but it’s so nice to think of it as magic instead.

All images by The French Cuisse.

Raspberry Sorbet






Apple crumble




Frisee Salad

tumblr_m5se82fyfO1qfyreao1_r2_1280 tumblr_m5se6nrNnr1qfyreao1_1280

Which dish your favorite? He has so many more on his site.


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