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A Fall Pumpkin Carving Party on


I’m honored to be featured on The Kitchn’s “Gatherings From The Kitchn” series this week. Working alongside the talented Anjali Prasertong, we threw a Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party for some of our closest friends. The day was beautiful captured by photographer Bridget Pizzo.

New posts will be up daily and you can follow along here:

Photo by Bridget Pizzo

I’m especially proud of the interview post, where I reveal some of my hard learned secrets for throwing a stress free, but stylish dinner party. Thanks Anj!

Photo by Bridget Pizzo

Copacabana Bridal Shower


This summer I had the PLEASURE of collaborating on a Bridal shower with the talented Rebecca Simms (of Wylie West Creative). The shower was for Rebecca’s identical twin sister and my dear friend/co-worker, Sarah Simms (of La Femme Epicure). Rebecca had a vision to make her sister’s shower fun, vibrant and full of color, and decided on a Copacabana theme. She did the design work and I provided the food. Sarah’s older sister, mother, Aunt, brother and cousins all contributed too. It’s so rare these days that I have the time to cater an event for a friend so it was an honor to be a part of the creative force behind Sarah’s nuptials.


Coconut Cake and Celebration Cake from Susie Cakes. Goldn fruit towers  made by Wylie West Creative = chic town USA.


The “guest book” was a box of recipe cards where guests could write advice for whipping up a happy marriage. All designed by Wylie West Creative.


Both Sarah and her Groom are twins, double the cuteness!


Rebecca HAND MADE each and every tissue paper poof and then glued them to a piece of wood, which served as the photo backdrop for the shower.



Pink lawn flamingos got a chic update from a mist of gold paint.


Tissue paper bunting hand made by Wylie West Creative in the beautiful backyard of Sarah’s Aunt and Uncle.


Flowers by her Aunt and menus by her sister, Sarah comes from a talented clan.


Spears of chilled watermelon, jicama, cucumber, pineapple and radish get a hit of fresh lime juice and chili powder.


The spears were piled in bamboo cones nestled in a trough of raw black beans.


The main entree for the shower was assorted Empenadas from Nonna’s. These little savory hand pies were a huge hit.


Summer melon with a splash of lime juice and fresh mint, jicama salad cones and crudites with cilantro hummus




Plantain and corn chips for dipping in salsas from Hugo’s Tacos and guacamole made by moi.


Pineapple & Shrimp Ceviche in mini corn cups garnished with fresh cilantro.


The full spread!


Bar garnishes included fresh sugar cane for Caipirinhas, fruity straws for Fresh Juice Rum Punch and mermaids for fun.


The beautiful bride cuts into her cakes.


Me and the Bride to Be… avec flamingos.


Bar signage by Wylie West Creative and pink bubbles by Gruet.


Rebecca ordered CULT chocolate bars from Mast Brothers and tied them with a tag stamped  “Best Day Ever.”


How can you visit the Copacabana without a fruity headpiece? Guests made their own headband creations when they arrived at the shower.


Mementos from the special day…



Green Moving Boxes


Drew and I recently moved to a new neighborhood in Los Angeles. We rented these fantastic Green Boxes for our packing process. The company delivers a complete set of reusable plastic boxes + eco freindly packing paper and crinkle wrap to your door. You pack up your treasures and secure each box with the provided zip ties and cute craft paper tags for labeling. Then you move (wince.) Once you unpack the Green Boxes, schedule a pick up and they come collect them from your new pad.

Green Boxes

NO cardboard, NO taping boxes and NO struggling with a box cutter to break them down. NO manicures or trees are ruined in the process. The boxes stack safely since they are so durable so you have more room to maneuver around your place as you pack and unpack.

This company services the Los Angels and Orange County area but maybe you can find a similar company in other areas? Give it a google.



Autumn Essentials


Happy Autumn Friends! This summer has been full of change for Apples & Onions. The end of some things and the beginning of new things. We have been away from this space  for awhile, but with the onset of fall we are back! We look forward to sharing new parties, recipes and exciting collaborations we have percolating.

How darling is this print by Jones Design Company? I’m dusting off my slippers and stocking up on white pumpkins and Honeycrisp apples.



4th of July 2013: Table + Menu


Planning a very special 4th of July Table and Menu this year for my clients….



Baby Gem Lettuces, Heirloom Tomatoes and Green Goddess Dressing

Corn Bread with Whipped Honey-Butter

BBQ Pork Ribs & BBQ Chicken with Smokey-Cherry BBQ Sauce

Chilled Green Bean Salad with Dill Vinaigrette

Aged Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese

Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream and DIY Toppings

American Flag Pillow


American Flag Table






Galvanized Metal Stand

Thanks Pottery Barn for making so easy!



Summer Stripes


If you guys are like me and have an entire draw full of striped shirts you are probably dusting them off right about now. They are like snowflakes, each unique in there own way, there fore you can NEVER have too many. Here are some fun ways style up your Breton stripes for summer.


All images from Pinterest.




How To: Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases


I paint dipped some baby food jars for a article we wrote about How to Host a Sip & See Party and am now obsessed with the technique. Baby food jars make darling bud vases for any baby related celebration. Dipped in a thick layer of latex paint they look elegant and sophisticated, like grown up vases. Below is a step by step “How To” tutorial should anyone want to try this at home.


 Use a strong cleaner to get the labels and glue off the jars. Wash and dry well.


 Place your chosen color of latex paint in a shallow disposable container.


 Dip the base of the clean jar in the paint and start swirling it around.


 I like them to look a little uneven so I made some sides higher, you can easily go for a uniform look.


 Place the jars upside down on a paper towel and allow to dry for 24-36 hours (this much paint takes awhile to dry.)


 The finished product! I love the drips and imperfections.


 Repeat with any other colors. For the mint green I added some water to the paint to get more coverage on the jars. A little water goes a long way so be careful to add a teaspoon at a time.

photo by Beth Liebetrau

Once totally dry, fill the jars with water and a few simple blooms.

photo by Beth Liebetrau

Simple white flowers looked fresh in the mint and gold jars.

Photo by Beth Liebetrau

I can’t get over how pretty they look all lined up (credit goes to Beth Liebetrau for the excellent pictures.)

photo by Beth Liebetrau

The only problem with latex paint is it will come off if washed in warm water so be very careful not to get the outsides of the jars wet! I learned that lesson the hard way…





The Homegrown Collective


I have finally found the perfect gift for the person in your life who has everything (assuming they don’t have a kit to make rose hip infused raw honey.) I was very lucky to receive a delivery of the Homegrown Collective Green Box from a friend. The motto of the company is “delivering a homegrown lifestyle to your doorstep each month.” Each monthly box contains all the the supplies to make your own green products and step by step instructions for easy and informed execution. Great for Eco-conscious families, curious kids and busy professionals who don’t have time to make their own Kombucha starter.

The Homegrown Collective

The packaging and literature are artfully crafted. Each box has a different theme, the one I received was called “How Sweet It Is”, with projects, food stuffs and recipes featuring all things honey bee related.

The Homegrown Collective

Honey, Bee Pollen and Bee’s Wax oh my.

The Homegrown Collective

All the supplies to make shea butter and beeswax lip balms flavored with almond and citrus oil.

The Homegrown Collective

Local raw honey and rose hips to infuse the honey in the provided mason jar.

The Homegrown Collective

Delicious and nutritious bee pollen and a recipe for a protein packed vegetarian smoothie.

A single box costs $39 + shipping and there are discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. Don’t you love this concept?



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