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Thanksgiving Table

Remember our Halloween table? We’re using the same elements for our Thanksgiving decor.  Run a similar arrangement down the center of your Turkey Day table or along your mantle for a natural, elegant and understated display. We started with our

How-To: Halloween Table

Remember our sneak peek from Friday?  Here’s a behind the scenes look at our Halloween table for The Daily Meal. Supplies: Mini pumpkins and one medium-sized pumpkin for spray painting, plus some white mini pumpkins for keeping natural. Spray paint. 

Dinner Party Games

    We LOVE to play games at a dinner party. In fact, Lydia’s husband has to give her a talk before guests come to dinner to remind her not to “force” friends to play Trivial Pursuit if they don’t

Meatless Monday Video

Happy Labor Day friends! Just a little reminder of why we reserve this space on Monday’s for a meat-free recipe.     Thanks to the fine folks at Meatless Monday for their hard work to promote this simple yet profound

Wedding Welcome Bags

Sarah and I put together a fool proof guide for assembling useful and personal Wedding Welcome Bags for The Daily Meal. Wedding guests get to their hotels rooms to find a bag full of surprises that excite them about your

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